Pregnancy Diary – Weeks 15, 16 & 17

After returning home from our honeymoon abroad, Jason and I decided it was time to start a family. We’d been together for nearly eight years, married close to three, and it felt like the right time. This being our first, I decided to document my experience trying to conceive, what I learned along the way, and my weekly progress growing our family one finger and toe at a time. This is my pregnancy diary.

Week 15

bump-15-weeksWeek 15 started and ended with the cold I contracted in Week 14. I spent half the week resting at home, and half miserably pushing through the work day. I'll spare you the details: I was sick. The end.

Week 16

bump-16-weeksBy my sixteenth week I was noticeably showing. Unless I wore a lose-fitting shirt or sweater, there was no denying my baby bump. People at work started noticing and asking, which was actually kind of nice. What wasn't so nice is that it seemed like my stomach became the most interesting part about me!People—especially those sitting while I was standing—couldn't help but speak to my stomach instead of my face. I swear, it's not THAT big or exciting. But, for now, I can just be thankful they're not touching it yet.The most exciting part of this week is that we rearranged our bedrooms to make room for the nursery. We did some minor construction, closing in a doorway to create our master (the largest bedroom in the house was connected to both the kitchen and hallway on opposite ends, so we closed up the doorway to the kitchen) and converted our old bedroom to the nursery.Finally having the space to nest has been a relief—and really fun!Here's our new master. We still need a coverlet for the bed (there's no way we'll be able to keep that white comforter white, otherwise) and I'm hankering for a new light fixture. But we're loving the extra space! I'll save the nursery reveal (and the design inspiration we're emulating) for when it's further also started to feel "quickening" this week. Quickening is the first sensation of movement in your womb—it's really hard to describe, but for me it was like a swirling or swishing. I focused on it, really hard (mostly just to make sure it wasn't gas), and am certain the tumbling I was feeling was our baby boy.

Week 17

bump-17-weeksWeek 17 was the most uneventful week I've had yet—and it was amazing! I felt entirely normal (yes, I still had some heartburn and continued to wake in the night to go pee, but those have become my new normal). The only thing reminding me I was pregnant was my belly.And then, I was reminded I was pregnant by the sensation of baby boy's very first kick! I had been feeling the quickening for a couple weeks, but a day before my 18th week, I felt a distinct, undeniable, strong kick. Lying on the couch, fiddling on my phone, it just happened; it happened again about an hour later. While I imagine it will still be a couple weeks before I feel the kicks regularly and Jason can see/feel them with me, I'm very excited for this happy reminder of the miracle growing inside me.SaveSaveSave

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