The green beauty community is about sharing information and ideas, empowering people to make changes in their own lives. It's more than just non-toxic makeup, or organic skincare, or free-range food, or yoga goals. It's about educating people and letting them make informed decisions.I can't be an expert in everything, but I can refer to you some of the most knowledgeable fellow bloggers that will help fill in the gaps (you can be sure this list will grow, so check back often!).  Click below to meet these naturally beautiful babes!

Get Real Community

Laura of Laura's Natural Life: Laura is the founder of the Clean Beauty Academy, an online crash course in all things natural beauty, who prepares both blog posts and videos for her followers!Molly of Maison Pur: Molly is a down-to-earth mama and green beauty blogger. Her content is so fresh and fun, she's frequently introduced me to new brands and products (that have become favorites!).Cassy Joy of Fed and Fit: Inspired by her own journey to health through the Paleo diet, Cassy Joy is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to healthy eating. If you're looking for healthy recipes (for a variety of diets), check her out! Plus, she's absolutely hilarious on SnapChat.Hannah of Healthfully Hannah: Hannah blogs about all things naturally beautiful, from green beauty to non-toxic living. She has some of the most unique content I've come across—like the importance of filtering you shower water (who would have guessed?!)—and has a library of free eBooks available on her site!Emily of EmFillerup: Emily's blog is simply swoon-worthy. She embodies natural living from the style of her home to the products she and her family use. If you can visit her blog and walk away without wanting to redesign your entire home (or wardrobe, or lifestyle), you're a stronger woman than me!