My story starts with a diagnosis of rosacea in 2012. After turning to the usual suspects for relief—brand name treatments, drugstore brands (because I once read an article that Nicole Richie used only Dove bar soap and had perfect skin—yeah, right), and harsh prescription creams and pills—I finally found the Oil Cleansing Method in the fall of 2014. Thus began my exploration into green beauty.Eventually, living a "naturally beautiful" life became about more than just what I put on my face, but what I used to cook and clean with, and what I ate. After throwing out the conventional contents of my medicine cabinet,  swapping my harsh cleaning products for plant-based cleansers, and tossing my beauty-store makeup for green beauty alternatives, I started this blog to share my experiences, give honest reviews of products I've tried and loved, and inspire others to embrace all-natural living, beautifully.I hope, through Get Real Beauty, I can help you embrace your own natural beauty, and encourage you to make changes to lead a greener life.With Love,Jess